Volleyball Sets Themselves Up for Success


The Independence volleyball team poses for a photo.

As a new student from California, junior Amelia Emons did not know what to expect for the new school year, let alone the volleyball season. Little did she know when she tried out, the Independence volleyball team would go on to be semi-final region 3B runner-ups and state quarter-finalists. 

Similarly, Mr. Ryan Webb, assistant coach for varsity volleyball, decided to apply for the assistant position because it was “one way to open myself to the school and be a part of it.” Not knowing the impact his coaching would have on the team’s season. 

After celebrating a victorious season, the team went on to win the game against George Mason High School, rocketing them straight to the state quarterfinals, which went to five sets. “We won the first two, lost the second two and lost it 15-13 in the fifth set—it was tough,” added Webb.

Part of the team’s success this season was their willingness to put in the work necessary to achieve their goals. “My coaches used to say, ‘Practicing perfect[ly] will get you close to being perfect.’ I try to instill that in my players,” Webb said.

Another portion was strategizing. “Before each game, we would go over team goals and just come up with a plan for how we were going to beat each team,” said Emons. 

The team’s planning and practice worked, as seen by their prosperity throughout the season, often featured on the Independence Athletics official Instagram page, which touted their wins; game result updates could be heard on the morning announcements. 

Emons added, “[The coaches] told us, ‘have fun on the court because you don’t get to play varsity volleyball your whole life,’ so just enjoy it while it lasts.”