Tigers vs Panthers


Photo courtesy of Ms. Graham

On Thursday, May 26 at Massaponax, the Indy Girls Varsity Soccer Team competed in the 5C Regional Quarterfinals against Massaponax High School. They came out victorious with a 2-0 win and moved on to compete in Regional Semifinals against Potomac Falls where they sadly lost 2-1.

In their game against Massaponax, Freshman Lilli Lubic scored within the first couple minutes of the game. After that goal was scored, the team was battling to get another goal and keep the other team from scoring. Junior Alexa Kessler explains, “The half ended and we were up 1-0, but we needed to keep the ball away from the other team and get another goal before they had the chance to.”

The team went into the second half strong, and junior Kaitlyn Nimmer scored making the score 2-0. Our Indy tigers played really hard, and shut out the other team.

The team has a tradition where they put a plastic goose in each other’s lawns. The goose symbolizes unity, because geese fly together and draft off each other. Throughout the game the team played as one and were true to their goose mascot.