Where’s the snow?


A map showing high temperatures for Wednesday reveals the anomalies of the late February weather pattern, with forecasters predicting record highs and record lows this week. National Weather Service / Screenshot by NPR

Izzy Evans

With winter officially over, many are left wondering about the lack of snow this season. The short answer is global warming. As stated in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Virginia is on pace to have one of its 10 warmest Januarys on record.” 

Loudoun County incorporated around 10 snow days into the school schedule, but so far only one “snow day” and one 2 hour delay have been used, leaving many untouched. With this year being predicted to transition from La Niña to El Niño, the lack of snow seems to be somewhat expected due towarmer weather in the southern half of the country.” The common effects of a la nina year are less freezing conditions, with a “normal to drier-than-average conditions, which leads to less rain and snowfall.” 

With many students disappointed with the lack of snow this year, any hope that we will experience any more cold weather, is now slim to none. With temperatures already rising and spring already here, the only thing we can do is hope that next year will bring more snow.