Does Social Media Ruin Relationships?


Does social media ruin relationships? That is a controversial question that has surrounded large platforms, specifically TikTok. There have been numerous TikToks made stating how teenagers are disappointed and sick of dating in this generation. TikTok has seemingly made a trend of encouraging people to have “sneaky links” and “situationships” rather than actual partnerships. 


People in sneaky links and situationships act as being in an emotional and mental relationship, rather than being in an actual relationship with the “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” title. Holding off on entanglements for reasons of “not being ready,” “needing more time” or “it’s complicated” can all be ways someone is using an excuse to continue to cheat on their first partner or play with the recipient’s emotions.


A “sneaky link” is someone that you are privately talking to, and you don’t let people know that you talk to them or post about them. Sneaky links are typically people messing with someone who can’t leave their ex alone or are already in a situation with their current partner and want someone on the side. Sneaky links have become popular since late 2021 and are still prevalent today. While having someone to “talk on the low” with is fine for people who don’t want relationships, this has caused problems for people who actually desire real connections with others and want a significant other.


Another trend that is prevalent in social media are “situationships.” Situationships are people who aren’t together, but aren’t just “friends.” Situationships can happen because one person can feel “unready” to be in a relationship or is just not looking to be in a partnership at the moment, but the tension between the two parties is apparent. 


While there is mostly no problem with sneaky links and being in situationships, prolonging a relationship because one doesn’t feel ready or not taking feelings into consideration has caused some teens to no longer see the value in being intimate with another person about their feelings and has caused some to lose interest in love.