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How Teachers are Showing Their Spirit

Photo of Mrs.Johnson
Photo of Mrs.Johnson

Q: What’s your name and what do you teach?

A: I’m Mrs. Jessica Johnson, I teach English 9 honors, English 12 academic and Mythology.

Q: Can you tell us about your outfit?

A: I’m wearing a little tennis skirt, so I’m pretending I’m playing tennis.

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Q: What is your favorite spirit day this week?

A: Surf and Turf, I’m very excited for the biker [outfit].

Q: Why is dressing up important?

A: It makes school more fun. To be silly and give us some sense of community when we’re all dressing up and showing our school spirit.

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Claire McLaughlin, Junior Staff Writer
Claire McLaughlin is a first year staff writer for The Prowl. As someone who is very easy going and is always in for a fun time, she’s looking forward to covering student life as well as sharing opinion pieces. In her free time she enjoys long days on the beach followed by a nice meal of Mexican food. Aside from typical teenage life, she also runs cross country and track for Independence. As a firm believer in academic integrity, she always finds time to prioritize school work altogether making her an extremely well balanced student. When it comes to goals for the upcoming year within journalism, she hopes to take away proficient writing and communication skills.
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Kieran Rhoton, Junior Staff Writer
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