Independence raises over $5000 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


On Oct. 22, SCA, in collaboration with the Independence volleyball team, hosted the second annual Faculty-Student volleyball game. The game was organized to raise money for Step Sisters, a support network for families battling breast cancer in Loudoun County. Independence was able to raise over $5000.

The game was also the second time the students brought a win against the teachers, even after little to no preparation before the game. “I was very nervous and it was hard (coaching), because we hadn’t seen the players play before and we weren’t sure who was good at what,” explained Haley Meredith (12), one of the student coaches. 

Another student coach, Charlotte Waxvik (12), agreed, “There was a lot to live up to, especially coaching the student team since that’s the one people care about the most. Respect to the teachers though. It was pretty nerve-wracking coming into the game having no practice, but I think we lived up to expectations.”

The volleyball game attendance was high, and the students didn’t disappoint with an exciting back-to-back set. When asked about what contributed to the student’s success on the court, Zayne Hoepful (11) stated that “they had good communication and really worked well together.”

As the students take this win, future competitions leave the door open for the teachers to come back.