Homecoming Court

Independence has its very first homecoming court! Get to know them by reading some fun facts about each of them. We found out their secret talents, strangest fears and more. 

So without further ado, we present to you the first homecoming court! Representing the juniors are Christina Morro, Griffin Patterson, Kathryn Oakford, Charlie Blundell, Carson Manternach, Abigail Lawhorne, Benjamin Pavlik and Sam Johnson. Representing the sophomores are Lucia Martinez, Juan Pereyra, Hailey Dickson and Aiden Cibulsky. Finally, representing the freshmen are Charlie Gully, Alden Zerkle, Keira Cabrera and Jaaziah Sanchez.

If you were stuck on an island, what two things would you bring with you? 

Morro: Water and seeds 

Zerkle: My two dogs 

Gully: Water and a plane

Cabrera: Food and hairbrush

Martinez: Phone and dog

Pereyra: A jetski 

Dickson: Food and a boat 

Cibulsky: Electric boat 

Oakford: Water and my phone 

Blundell: Bike and tons of food

Manternach: Donuts 

What was your  favorite T.V. show growing up? 

Morro: “Hannah Montana” 

Patterson: “The Walking Dead”

Zerkle: “The Brady Bunch”  

Gully: “Garfield” 

Cabrera and Lawhorne: “Victorious”

Martinez and Dickson: “Good Luck Charlie” 

Pereyra and Cibulsky: “Lab Rats” 

Oakford: “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” 

Blundell and Johnson: “Spongebob” 

Pavlik: “iCarly” 

Manternach: Too many to choose 


What is your most embarrassing childhood memory? 

Morro: When I was in fourth grade, I was playing four square, and the ball rolled into a pile of mud. I went to go pick it up, and I fell on my butt in the mud and got mud all over my new pants that I had just gotten from Target with my mom. I started crying and had to go to the office to change.

Patterson: When I was little, I was running at the gym, and I tripped. My tooth went through my lip and I had to get stitches.

Gully: Running into a pole during one of my rugby games.

Cabrera: Running into my screen door.

Martinez: Scoring on my own goal in soccer.

Pereyra: I ran into a mailbox.

Cibulsky:  In Kindergarten, I threw scissors at someone’s head and the teacher yelled at me, and I peed my pants.

Blundell: Getting food everywhere as a baby.

Lawhorne: In second grade, during a concert, I fell off the risers in front of the whole school.

Manternach: One time, my brother kicked my front teeth out when we were sledding.

Do you have a secret talent? 

Morro: I can roll my tongue.

Zerkle and Dickson: I can make a clover with my tongue.

Martinez: I can bend the tips of my fingers.

Blundell: I can do a handstand. 

If you could have any animal as a pet what animal would it be? 

Patterson: Jaguar 

Zerkle: A frog that loves me and won’t jump away

Gully, Cabrera, and Sanchez: A dog 

Martinez: Beluga Whale 

Pereyra: Sloth 

Dickson: A monkey

Oakford: Koala 

Blundell: White tiger 

Lawhorne: Cow 

Pavlick: Tiger 

Manternach: Ostrich 


What is your dream job?

Morro: To be a singer 

Zerkle: To be a scuba diver that takes pictures of all the sea animals 

Gully: Coaching rugby 

Cabrera: Nurse

Sanchez: To be in the NFL [National Football League]

Martinez: Neurosurgeon

Dickson: A news anchor 

Oakford: To do marketing for an NFL team

Blundell: Race car driver

Lawhorne: Pediatrician 

Pavlik and Johnson: CEO of a company 

What’s your strangest fear?

Morro: To be stuck alone

Patterson: Needles

Zerkle: Drowning 

Gully: Centipedes and small bugs 

Cabrera: Getting possessed

Pereyra and Dickson: Heights

Oakford: Dying 

Blundell: Falling forever

Lawhorne: Getting kidnapped

Pavlik: The ocean

What’s your least favorite word?

Patterson, Gully, Martinez, Oakford and Lawhorne: Moist

Zerkle: I don’t have a least favorite, but my favorite word is Chancla

Cabrera: Squishy 

Pereyra: What 

Dickson: Scalp 

Manternach: Freak 


What city do you most want to live in?

Morro: A city in Europe since my family lives there.

Zerkle: Anywhere in Jamaica

Gully, Pereyra, Cibulsky, Lawhorne, Pavlik and Johnson: Los Angeles 

Cabrera: Anywhere in California

Sanchez and Dickson: New York City

Martinez: Miami, Florida 

Oakford: Charleston, South Carolina 

Blundell: Boulder, Colorado 

 If you could live in a movie, T.V. show or book what would it be?

 Morro: “Zoey 101”

Zerkle: “The House Bunny”

Gully: “Garfield” 

Martinez and Dickson: “Gossip Girl”

Oakford: “Grown-Ups” 

Blundell: “Fast and Furious”

Manternach: “Harry Potter”