Class of 2022 Instagram decisions page is here


Following the social media trend where high school graduating classes create an Instagram page to showcase where seniors are going after graduation, the Indy class of 2022 has their own. The account was started on June 21, 2021 in anticipation of the 2021-2022 school year and can be found on Instagram as @indydecisions22. 

When speaking about the origin of the account, the creator said, “I thought it would be fun to do since I’m a senior. When I saw that no one started a page for the class of 2022, I thought it [would] be cool if I did.” At this time, the creator wishes to remain anonymous. 

The account currently has seven decisions posted, each including a photo of the senior, their name, the university they are attending, and their intended major. The creator uses Canva to change the post template to match the colors of the school each senior is attending. 

The account also creates highlights to bookmark which states seniors will go to after graduation. So far, Indy seniors are heading to schools across Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and to the United States Army. 

The account is currently run by one person, but they anticipate having to invite other creators to join them as regular decision college admissions are released and seniors move closer to Decision Day on May 1, 2022. 

To have your college decision included on the account, you can fill out the form here or get the link to the form in the bio of @indydecisions22 on Instagram.