Indy Serves annual D.C. field trip


When it comes to giving back to the community, you can count on Indy Serves. A recent trip to Washington’s McPherson Square took place on Feb.27, where Independence students passed out many items, varying between food, backpacks, and clothes.

With 44 students in attendance, tables were set up swiftly.

Junior Anthony Paganin, co-president of Indy Serves, said the trip was inspired by Rock Ridge High School’s Rock Ridge Serves. He also mentioned that he believes students “gain a sense of humility and a realization that we are all so privileged.”


On the trip, many students took it as an opportunity to listen to the homeless population at McPherson Square and start conversations. “I really enjoyed talking to everyone. I think everyone involved had fun, and one particular woman asked us about school and what we do for fun. It was just really cool getting to know people,” said junior Chloe Marion. 


Vice President of Operations for Indy Serves, sophomore Brooke Schofield said she  “thought it was a great way to give back, and it helped open a new perspective to everyone who participated”.


Indy Serves has also announced they want to make the trip a yearly occurrence. Paganin further explained, “The D.C trip was the event that started Indy Serves, and continuing it will create a legacy of our members taking a hands on approach, rather than just creating and donating to drives.”