Indy students show off their school spirit


Independence High School celebrated spirit week from October 11 to October 14 by showing off their school spirit by dressing up for each themed day. Independence is known to have the best school spirit, and students this year did not disappoint. Each student was asked what their favorite spirit day was, what spirit day theme they would like to see, and if Independence really does have the best school spirit. 

To start off the week, on Tuesday, Praseedha Basavala, sophomore, showed off her school spirit for Hiding from the Paparazzi Day by accessorizing with sunglasses and a floppy hat. 

“My favorite day this week would have to be Class Themes,” Basavala said. “If I could choose a theme for spirit week, I guess it would be to dress up as your favorite kitchen utensil. Indy has the best school spirit because I see a lot of people participating in spirit week and a lot of people aren’t embarrassed to dress up.”

On Wednesday, Brielle Jacobs, junior, showed off her school spirit for Stunt Double Day, where people dressed up as their favorite actor or movie character. Ironically, Jacobs dressed up as Wednesday Adams, the least spirited girl there is. 

“My favorite day this week would be Stunt Double Day,” Jacobs said. “I would choose Dress As Your Type Day for spirit week. Indy has the best school spirit because during our away football games, they look like home games with the amount of people that show up.”

Luke Rogers, senior, dressed up in his scariest clown costume for Premiere Day on Thursday, where students dress up as their class theme. Western was for freshmen, superheroes for sophomores, sci-fi for juniors and horror for seniors.

“My favorite spirit day this week is definitely Premiere Day,” Rodgers said. “If I could choose a theme for spirit week, it’d probably be Anything but Backpack Day, which was a great one last year. I think we have the best school spirit because on spirit days, where the theme is easily doable, almost every single person in the building participates.”

Last but not least, on Friday, Jordan Lee, junior, wears his class color for Class Colors Day. Freshmen dressed in red, sophomores dressed in blue, juniors dressed in white and seniors dressed in red, white and blue.

“Hiding from the Paparazzi would be my favorite spirit day this week,” Lee said. “I would choose Wear a Sports Jersey Day as a theme for spirit week. Indy has the best school spirit because no matter what the theme is we always look the coolest.”

Jack Franks, senior, who is also the president of SCA, explains the process of choosing the themes for spirit week. “What we usually do is during class, we all get split up into smaller groups. Each group has a brainstorming session where we come up with an overall theme, along with stuff like spirit days, lunch games and pep rally games that would go along with that theme. After that, we share our ideas with the class, and the entirety of SCA votes on the theme and days we want to do,” Franks said. “My favorite day this week is Class Color Day because I’ve been seeing the seniors get to dress up for it since my freshman year, and now I get to dress up for it.

After seeing all of the participants for spirit week, it may be safe to say Independence High School has the best school spirit in Loudoun County.