New schedule vs old schedule


Ever since schedules first came out in late August, there’s been a lot of debate about whether the new changes to it were good or not. Some say that they like these new changes, while others say that it was a downgrade. There’s also a select few that even say that they would prefer a new schedule entirely.


The opinions on these changes seem to differ depending on their grade level. Since people in ninth grade never got to experience the schedule last year, there’s not a lot of basis that they can work on.


Freshman Kaden Graham shares his experience with middle school and high school schedules.“Starting later wasn’t a big thing to get used to, but I wish that we just started earlier in general. I have to wake up early anyways, and I feel like you could do so much more with the extra time if you got out of school earlier. The new lunch is ok, but if we started earlier, they could just move it to the third block instead of the second.”


People of tenth grade and above have more basis to work on, but it seems as though they feel roughly the same. Sophomore, Jaden Dietter, shares her opinion on the different schedules.

“Last year, I liked that we started and got out of school earlier. I also liked having Tiger Time after first block, rather than after lunch, that just makes the schedule weird. Speaking of lunch, I like that D lunch isn’t at 2:00 pm anymore, but I feel like A lunch is way too early.”


My opinion on this debate matches almost perfectly with the ones provided. If the pattern of schedule changes proceeds into next year, that means that we would start and get out even later than we already do. Especially with school starting just before winter, it’s going to be dark out by the time students have to walk home. It also barely gives us any time for sports or to do homework after school, which could potentially lead to people pulling all-nighters way too often just to get their work done for the day.


We aren’t too hopeful for a change, but we hope that some serious consideration is given to this debate.