A Review of PORTALS

A Review of PORTALS

Melanie Martinez has come “back from the dead” with her newest album, “PORTALS.” It came out on March 31 and has been the first album she has released since “After School,” which was released in 2020. It’s currently No. 2 on the Billboard 200. The moment the album starts, you can tell that Martinez is trying a style she never has before. The album perfectly loops and perfectly symbolizes reincarnation.

Her first track, “DEATH” was released on March 17, with the music video coming out seven days later on the 24th. It’s currently placed at 95 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s a very punk-rock type of song, and if you’re a fan of Martinez, it’s a surprising, but still vaguely familiar opening to her albums. I would place it in the top five of my favorite songs on the album.

It then transitions into the second track, titled “VOID.” This song was written and produced solely by Martinez herself, and she’s stated that this is one of her favorite songs she’s ever written. Much like “DEATH,” it’s a punk-rock song and talks about Martinez’s intrusive thoughts. This song isn’t my favorite but still is worth listening to.

Three tracks, “FAERIE SOIREE,” “TUNNEL VISION,” and the deluxe album track, “MILK OF THE SIREN” were all leaked sometime in 2021, with the latter simply being titled “Sirens.” They all have somewhat of an ethereal sound to them, at least in the beginning. Despite the similarities, they all feel very different, with sounds between short and sweet, a bit sassy, and rock.

Speaking of “FAERIE SOIREE,” this song got very mixed reviews. Some love it, but others say it’s the worst on the album. While it’s not my personal favorite, I’d still give it a solid 6/10.

My personal three favorites are “NYMPHOLOGY,” “EVIL,” and “THE CONTORTIONIST.” They all talk about a type of “toxic” relationship and problems with it. They’re also the catchiest songs on the album, in my opinion.

“LEECHES” and “LIGHT SHOWER” are the slowest songs on the album, which might make you think that they are similar in lyrics, but they actually contrast each other very well. While the former is about people sucking the life out of you and acting differently towards certain people, the latter is about love and healing from a person who helps you reach the healing stage.

PORTALS has a number of tracks that left me speechless. It’s a fresh change to end the trilogy of concept albums that Martinez is very well known for. It’s very earthy and ethereal, while also being real. Overall, I rate this album a 9/10, and encourage you all to listen to it as well.