Indy Unified Basketball Game

Sports have a great way of bringing us together. People will gather to watch one game and talk about if for hours. Additionally, people will analyze and talk about big games for weeks after it happens, like March Madness.

Unified Sports teams do that too, and in a very special way. On Mar. 1, the Independence Unified Basketball Team played a game in front of the whole school, which brought everyone at Indy together to support the team.

The Independence Unified Team beat a team of select Indy students. They are also 3-0 against the other Unified Basketball Teams they have played so far.

One volunteer member on the team, Ryan Clark, expressed his passion and talked about how great it has been coaching the players. He said, “It has been really inspiring seeing them grow as athletes and as people throughout the season. The support that they have been getting has been incredible and everyday we see more and more people coming out to the games.”

The Unified basketball game came just a few weeks before the student-faculty game as well. Select Indy students went against teachers such as Mr. Mac and Mr. Murray. Students again came out to support their teachers, as well as their fellow students.

Clearly, the environment here at Indy is incredible. Everyone is inclusive and supportive of their peers, and it is great to see the school spirit at a high level.