Flag Football Overview: A Fundraiser for Relay for Life and DECA


On April 12, four teams competed in a flag football tournament. This event was organized by Relay for Life for the American Cancer Association. The four team names were Crust, Track Starz, Staff and Tech. 

Team Track Starz and Team Tech went against each other first. The game ended with Tech winning 35-14. The second game was played by Team Crust and Team Staff. With Team Crust’s great defense, they were able to beat the Indy Staff 28-0. Their defense ended up playing a big part in the championship.

The final game was between the two winning teams in the first two games. The game started off very close with Crust in the lead 7-0. During the second half, things got even better for Team Crust. Though Team Tech was able to get one touchdown, that was all they could do. Crust’s defense helped stop many attempts to get a touchdown. The winner of this game was Team Crust who won 21-7 making them the champions.

In total, Relay for Life raised about $2,000 and split that with Indy Deca for their fundraiser that will make wheelchair accessible swings and other equipment. Anna Reed, one of the organizers of the event said, “It was so much fun. Indy Relay plans on hosting again next year.”