Indy students glow their stripes


On April 24-27, Independence High School showed their school spirit during “Glow Your Stripes Week,” the last spirit week of the school year right before prom. 

To start the week off, students dressed in all neon for “Nothing But Neon Day.

“My favorite day this week was Nothing but Neon because I got to wear my favorite construction vest,” said Jordan Lee (11). “In my opinion, Indy does not have the best school spirit. I visited Briar Woods the other day and their spirit was off the charts.”

On Tuesday it was “Facebook Parent Day” where students dressed up as, you guessed it, Facebook parents. 

“I was looking forward to Facebook Parent Day the most because I thought it’d be funny to see everyone dress up in their spirit wear,” said Julia Groszkowski (11). “I think our school has the best school spirit because Indy does a good job of reaching out to everyone and getting them involved in school activities.”

Then it was “Generations Day” on Wednesday. Freshmen dressed up as an elementary school throwback, sophomores represented their future college, juniors dressed up as their future career and seniors dressed up as senior citizens. The Indy staff definitely dressed the part on “Generations Day.”

“I was most excited for Generations Day because it was the most fun for me since I got to match with my friend. It was also the most personal day since you could dress up as your dream or future career which was more interactive than the other days,” said Zara Sarwar (11). “I think Indy is very spirited for how new we are but there’s still a bit of hesitancy because it seems like a lot of people feel like they’re better than engaging in high school festivities.”

To end spirit week, on Thursday the theme was “Blinding Lights,” where everyone wore white AKA white out. The epic assembly showed every student dressed in white and it was in fact, blinding. 

“I was looking forward to Blinding Lights day because of the assembly,” said Emily Manivong (11). “Indy has the best school spirit because we’re better and it’s shown through the amount of student bodies that participate during spirit week with their spirit wear.”

Overall, it was a great week of school spirit and festivities and I can’t wait to see what Indy has in store for us next year. The preceding students had a few recommendations for future spirit day themes.

“If I could choose a theme for a spirit day it would be Pajama Day because some students wake up in the morning and they just want to go to school in some pajamas,” Jordan Lee (11).

 “A spirit theme I really want to do is country vs. country club,” Julia Groszkowski (11)

“If I could choose a spirit day it would be to dress up as a character from a movie or tv show,” Emily Manivong (11).

 “A spirit theme I would like to see is International Day where you dress up in your cultural clothes. I think it’s beautiful to see everybody’s culture and in our social environment at school it’s hard to express the different aspects that everyone has of themselves because of peer pressure but we have so many different unique identities so I think it’d be beautiful to create a welcoming space for those people to share,” Zara Sarwar (11).