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Teacher-Profile: Ms.Brady

Q: Where Are You From?

A: I am from Pennsylvania. I am from outside of Philadelphia but not from the actual city. The actual town name was Collegeville, because there was a college there. I know, a very creative name.

Q: What led you to become a teacher?

A: I really Liked math when I was in high school so I helped out in my geometry teacher’s class when I was a senior. Ya Basically, I helped out to see if I actually liked teaching and I did, I liked helping people. I liked helping them understand math.

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Q:What was a life changing decision you’ve made, in general?

A: I’d actually say the biggest life changing decision I made was probably choosing to apply to teaching jobs in Virginia because  I never thought I would live in Virginia. Not that I had anything against Virginia, I just didn’t think that I would be here, and I couldn’t get a job in Pennsylvania so I came here and they gave me a job right away! And I’ve been here for almost 7 years now which is crazy.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d give yourself five years ago?

A: Five years ago? That everything will work out, even if I’m super stressed and overwhelmed with like work and life outside of work, everything will work out for the best in the end.”


Q: If you could pick any age to die at what would it be?

A: I don’t think I would want to live to be 300- 200 because would I be like, really elderly? I’m going to assume I’d still age. I think an ideal age would be as long as I’m like still able to do things for myself. I’d want to live to my 90’s–maybe 100–I’ll say 100. As long as I’m still able to do things for myself.


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