Almanac’s prediction for summer weather


Formerly named Old Farmer’s Almanac dating back to 1792, Almanac is a yearly book and online publication that predicts weather forecasts, tide tables, farmers’ planting dates and other information regarding the environment in the United States and five regions of southern Canada.

Almanac predicts that this “summer will be hotter and drier than normal, with the hottest periods in early and mid- to late August” in the Brambleton/Ashburn area.

Here’s a breakdown of their predictions for the month of June: 

Don’t forget your umbrella at home from June 1-5 as the weather will be rainy and cool. Expect a few thunderstorms and warmer weather from June 6-13. The rain continues with cooler weather from June 14-21. You might need sunscreen from June 22-25 as the weather heats up and the sun comes out. From June 26-30, expect rainy cool weather in the north and sunny hot weather in the south.  

June Overall: Expect an average temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit and precipitation around three inches, which is one inch below average.

The Almanac makes their predictions by using a secret formula created by Robert B. Thomas, their founder. Though the exact formula is secret, they have shared that they use sunspots, magnetic storms on the surface of the Sun, climatology, the study of weather patterns, and meteorology, the study of atmosphere, to make their yearly forecast predictions. 

Wonder how accurate their predictions are? Almanac reports that their accuracy is typically around 80%, but in 2021 it dipped to 72.2% for the United States.