Battle of the French Fries

Battle of the French Fries

Fast food: it’s quick, cheap, and always good. One of my personal favorite foods to get from fast food restaurants is fries. As the self proclaimed number one fan of the salty snack, I wanted to discover the best spot to get french fries in the area. I went to four different fast food restaurants and ate them dry (no sauce) to avoid having bias. Read below to find out my favorite, in worst to best order.


  1. Wendy’s 


A small Wendy’s fry costs $1.69.


Wendy’s claims they put fries as the “star of the show” on their menu and say they will give you a new set of fries if yours are cold. When I received my fries, I definitely didn’t need to ask for another order of fries. Their fries were so hot that when I took the first bite, they burned my mouth. However, I would rather have my fries hot than cold, so I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. To me, it means the fries are fresh. Although the reason the Wendy’s fries are ranked so low is due to their flavor. They had minimum salt and an overpowering starchy flavor that made them hard to eat. 


  1. Mcdonald’s 


A small McDonald’s fry costs $1.39.


Some readers may be surprised that McDonald’s fries are ranked so low due to their popularity. However, getting a small fry at McDonald’s should really be called extra small. Barely getting any fries was already disappointing, but the fries were soggy, making my experience even worse. The only upside of the McDonald’s fries was how salty they were. Overall, it was a waste of money. 


  1. Chick-fil-a 


A small Chick-fil-a fry cost $1.55.


The Chick-fil-a fries are the only place that have a waffle cut fry instead of a shoe string fry. With them being a different cut I did feel the fries filled me up quicker then any shoe string fry. Also, due to their cut some of the Chick-fil-a fries have a “butt” where they are extra crispy. In addition, the Chick-fil-a fries were a perfect temperature but could’ve used more salt. 


  1. Popeyes 


A small Popeyes fry cost $1.79.


Popeyes has a more untraditional way they season their fries. Instead of just salt, they are seasoned with cajun seasoning, making Popeyes one of my favorites. They even give you the most bang for your buck by giving you an overwhelming amount of fries. On the downside, due to the amount, once you get to the end of the fries they grow cold very fast. However, their crispy exterior makes up for it. In short, Popeyes fries are the cheapest option and have the best flavor, making Popeyes my new favorite spot to get a quick and easy salty snack.