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What’s your inspiration? Yacht Day with Independence Students


Student: Joseph Johnson (12)

Q:What’s the inspiration for your fit?

A: “The inspiration for my outfit was preppy because today was the “yacht club” day which was dress preppy. I looked at things and thought these guys looked nice so I dressed like them.”

Q: What’s your favorite part about spirit week at Indy?

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A: “The fact that everybody participates. It was so cool to see all of my classmates and their school spirit.”

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Abbey Huffer
Abbey Huffer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Abbey Huffer is a senior at Independence High School. This is her fourth year in journalism and third year writing for her school's newspaper. She was a managing editor her junior year and she hopes to be an editor again for The Prowl. Abbey was born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina but moved around until she landed in Virginia. She has always enjoyed voicing her opinions which she began to do through my writing. She likes to write about current news, mainly on the environment, opinion pieces, or entertainment. She would love to publish even more articles this year that involve and attract more readers. After graduating high school, her plan is to major in pre-law at NOVA, then transfer to GMU. Abbey enjoys writing, listening to music, and spending time with my friends and family. Her favorite way to spend my free time is watching a show with her two cats, Nala and Leo.

Michelle Wiant
Michelle Wiant, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Michelle is currently a Senior, where it is her third and final year writing for The Prowl. This year, she is excited to serve as the Co-Editor-in-Chief. Her favorite punctuation mark is the ellipses and her favorite cuisine is Korean. She loves music, and in her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, clarinet, and guitar, as well as drum majoring for the Indy Marching Band. She also enjoys listening to music, whether it be heavy metal, Debussy, or K-pop. She is biliterate in Mandarin and hopes to study abroad in China in the future. Michelle also likes to pursue reading and writing–particularly poetry. She is a big fan of the outdoors, particularly biking on the W&OD trail in the summertime. In the Newspaper, Michelle most often writes about breaking news within Virginia and Loudoun County, as well as opinion and review pieces on pop culture. This year, Michelle hopes to report more school events and interact with more students she doesn’t know. She also hopes to write more articles that empower the voice of the student body and represent the changes they want to see in our community. Michelle believes that passion and honesty are the most important values in a Newspaper, and she is very excited to both serve the staff as Editor and write awesome articles for The Prowl in her last year! 
Izzy Evans
Izzy Evans, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Izzy Evans is a senior at Independence High School who has been doing journalism for almost 4 years now. She enjoys writing about organized events/lifestyle and currently writes for the newspaper “The Prowl”, she is also on the S.C.A and helps organize homecoming, tigers & tiaras, etc. She is very easygoing and a good listener. She enjoys reading and her favorite genres are romance and fantasy, and she loves a good Jane Austen movie. She loves all the things green and enjoys eating tacos. She goes on hikes and camping trips with her family. With it being her senior year, she is ready to write her final stories as a journalist for Independence. 
Lucius Ryan Seibel
Bio not ready yet :(