Independence Cheer Team Finishes in the Top Three at States


The Independence cheer team competed in state championships last Saturday, Nov. 9, at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. After becoming regional runners-up, they moved onto States and came in third. 

The Independence cheer team was extremely happy with third place. Anna Johnson, 10, said, “Third place the opening year really is amazing.” After performing their first routine, they got in the top four and were able to move on to the final round. There, they ran the same routine once again, as did the other teams. The warm ups for the final round were only about 10 minutes long, which Chloe Marion, 9, mentions “was stressful enough.” 

Anticipation kept the girls energetic. “You’re worried not only for yourself, but for your teammates and you letting your teammates down,” said Johnson.  

Putting faith and trust in each other is not an option for these girls. They have to trust in each other throughout their whole routine. “To throw us up in the air, we have to trust each other in the aspects that they will catch us and for them that their flyer will stay tight and do their job in the air. This routine took a lot of trust which we gained in each other quickly throughout the year,” said Marion. 

Leading up to States, the team’s practices were somewhat different than usual. Usually in their practices they work on little changes. Leading up to states, they worked on running the routine multiple times until it was perfect. Jonhson mentions that running the routine over and over again is very difficult. The practices were a lot harder as expected going into States. “There was definitely a different feeling at practice leading up to states with there being more pressure than usual,” Marion said. 

As with many other sports, the team had little superstitions and traditions such as a lucky cowboy hat. They also have handshakes, and before they get called onto the stage, they all huddle up in a circle and pep each other up. All in all, these girls are excited to work with each other next year and are ready to win states next year. “This team was great and I can’t wait to do it again next year,” said Marion.