Super Bowl Recap



On Feb. 12, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, Super Bowl LVII (57) took place with over 113 million viewers. The two teams playing were the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. The quarterback for the Chiefs is Patrick Mahomes, who has won MVP twice, advanced to three Super Bowls, and set the NFL record for total yards in a season. The Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts became the first player to run for two touchdowns in the first two quarters of the Super Bowl, and the first quarterback with three rushing touchdowns in the finals. 


Prior to the game, Chris Stapleton, who had performed in prior Super Bowls, sang the national anthem. Following this, the game finally began. Leading up to halftime, the Chiefs were trailing 24-14, and the Eagles had a strong lead. Mahomes, who was nursing an ankle injury, was out during the majority of the first half. However, he came back in the second half, leading the Chiefs to a Super Bowl win. The final score was 38-35. 



The match itself was definitely interesting to watch, but most people are eager to see the halftime show. This year’s halftime performer was Rihanna, renowned singer, actress and businesswoman. With over 118.7 million viewers, Rihanna performed 12 of her songs and danced along with them. Following the performance, viewers were shocked about how her pregnancy didn’t stop Rihanna from putting on an amazing show. Another thing many noted and were confused about was when Rihanna paused between her performance to fix her

makeup. This was marketing for her makeup brand, Fenty. Since Super Bowl performers don’t receive any pay, Rihanna took advantage of that. She brought attention to herself and her makeup by deliberately using it in front of millions of people. The next six hours after her performance, Fenty made over $5 million and even Rihanna’s lingerie brand made $2.6 million in sales. 



Advertisements for this year’s Super Bowl featured celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Serena Williams, Jack Harlow, Jimmy Butler and many others. Out of the many, the Farmer’s Dog Advertisement seemed to garner the most attention. It was approximately a minute long and “a roller coaster of emotions for me,” junior Charvi Veerla states. She adds on saying, “I thought it would be a cute video of a dog and a little girl, but as the advertisement went on, it became sadder and sadder.” The advertisement showed a little girl and a dog grow up together, the last scene being the dog laying down with the grown up girl’s husband and baby.