Carlos Alcaraz following Nadal’s path with Injury


On April 4, tennis star Carlos Alcaraz had to withdraw from the Monte Carlo tournament in France, following multiple injuries and feelings of discomfort in his body. Alcaraz explained on Instagram that he had to leave the France tournament and will play there in 2024.

Nineteen year old Alcaraz dealt with many injuries in the last six months, including abdominal and hamstring injuries. Additionally, after the Miami Open, Alcaraz took to Instagram to explain that he had Post-Traumatic Arthritis in his left hand, as well as muscular discomfort in his spine. As a result, he had to withdraw from the Monte Carlo Masters.

Former world number one tennis player, Jimmy Connors, warned Alcaraz about his injuries that had caused multiple breaks from tennis. Connors explained that Alcaraz seems to be going in the same path as tennis legend Rafael Nadal, who had similar injuries during his career. With Alcaraz being only 19 years old, Connors explained in a podcast, that “He should take advantage of being physically fit and young.”

On April 13, Alcaraz posted a picture on Instagram, saying “Back on track and back on earth!” Fans are hoping for his return to the sport and many are hoping for his return to the court in upcoming 2023 tournaments.