Indy students show their stripes over spirit week


To have the students and staff show their stripes at Indy, SCA created a spirit week to celebrate winter sports over the span of Jan. 10 to 14. The week included: Groutfit Day, Anything But a Backpack Day, Adam Sandler Day, Alphabet Day and Class Colors Day. 


Groutfit day: Students wore all gray outfits.

Zaara Fuad, 11, wore an all gray outfit to show her stripes for spirit week.

Anything But a Backpack Day: Students replaced their backpacks with items brought from home to carry their school supplies. 

Independence students got creative by using a traffic cone and guitar case for their backpack substitutes.

Adam Sandler Day: Students dressed up like Adam Sandler by wearing baggy clothes, baseball hats, and small sport sunglasses. 

Haley Hugging, 11, dressed in Adam Sandler themed clothes for spirit week.

Alphabet Day: Students dressed up as something that starts with the same letter as their first names. 

Independence students had an array of costumes for Alphabet Day.

Class Color Day: Freshmen wore red, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore white and seniors had an America Out. 

Juniors showed their school spirit by wearing white.

Enjy Tsogt-Erdene, 11, who has been in SCA for three years, says picking out the spirit days took a long time, explaining that “SCA as a class decided together that we wanted to do something different than previous spirit weeks. That’s why we choose to do Adam Sandler Day and Anything But a Backpack Day. The actual promoting for spirit week didn’t take as long, though, because we do it a lot.” 


SCA was successful in getting students involved in spirit week, and a fan favorite was Adam Sandler day. “My favorite day was definitely Adam Sandler Day. It was our first one ever, everyone loves Adam Sandler, and seeing the teachers dress up was really funny,” explained Haley Huggins, 11. 


Maddie Wasaff, 11, disagrees with Huggins. Wasaff says Alphabet Day was by far her favorite, explaining that “It was really fun because everyone could participate, and everyone had a different theme.”


SCA also tried to get the student body involved by doing many fun activities during lunch, including a winter-themed game called Snow Shooter. The goal was to throw marshmallows at a stack of cups, and whoever could knock down all the cups first won.

SCA members ready to play winter spirit games in the cafeteria.

The reason behind the spirit week was supposed to be a fun way to lead up to the pep rally on Friday. The pep rally was going to take place in the football stadium, due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, cold weather of 28 degrees caused the pep rally to be postponed. 


Even though the pep rally was canceled, Principal Gabriel tried to make Friday a fun day and provide students and staff with free Chick-Fil-A. Hailey Howell, 11, even commented on how much she appreciated the gesture, saying “It was really generous of Mr. Gabriel to get everyone Chick-Fil-A, and it tasted really good too. I have no complaints.”


As of right now, SCA is working on finding a new date to reschedule the pep rally.