Indy’s Tigers and Tiaras Talent Show

If you were wondering what makes Independence a great school, the Student Council and their creativity with school events play a big part in promoting togetherness in our community. 

On Monday April 17, Jessica Phillips (11) and Addison Zerkle (10) MCed the 2nd annual staff talent show “Tigers and Tiaras.” Tigers and Tiaras presented seven acts with a variety of talents including singing, dancing, comedy and even instrument play. These performances were observed and critiqued by a panel of judges who were students and staff at Independence. They gave each contestant a score out of 10 based on spirit wear, talent and enthusiasm on stage. Performers were Mr. Jason Tran, Mr. Matthew Giddens, Mr. Eric Slauson, Ms. Ashley Driscoll, Mrs. Erin Wood, Mr. Ben Reade and a Masked Singer, who was revealed at the end. 


Just as the previous year, several students were excited to watch their favorite teachers show off their talents. To begin the show, each contestant had to answer a few questions, showing their enthusiasm for Independence and what they enjoy about the school. Following this quick playful questioning, the talent acts began, starting with Mr. Tran.


Science teacher Mr. Tran entered the stage with a Tiger costume, which he removed to reveal his Indy attire underneath. For his performance, he sang “Goodbye” from the musical “Catch Me if You Can.” In high school and college, Mr. Tran participated in theater and put on a stellar performance for the audience, displaying his theatrical skills. 


The next performance was by the Bald Eagles, a band with Mr. Giddens, Mr. Trent Smith, Mr. Ben West and Mr. Josh Mosser, who was unfortunately absent. With Mr. Smith on drums, Mr. West on electric guitar and Mr. Gideons singing, the trio beautifully performed “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters.


After seeing some musical talents, the audience witnessed and were truly entertained by Indy’s tech guy, Mr. Slauson. His comedy act remarking about the school’s toilet paper and his experience at school got several laughs, earning him a big round of applause at the end.


Taking a mysterious turn, Indy’s orchestra and guitar teacher, Ms. Driscoll performed “Paint it Black” from the renowned TV series “Wednesday.” As a specialist in cello, Ms. Driscoll admitted that “This was one of the harder pieces I’ve played in my 15 years of cello playing.” However, she was able to put on a lovely performance for Indy, displaying her wonderful cello skills.


The next performance was a duo, who performed the song “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Ms. Wood sang beautifully, as Ms. Megan Andrews played the piano, ending with a huge round of applause for our psychology and history teachers.


Mr. Reade, chemistry teacher, entered the stage with a sumo suit and lots of Indy spirit wear, getting laughs from the crowd. His performance consisted of hip hop and contemporary dancing, which lots of students found entertaining and hilarious.


Lastly, our masked singer was revealed to be one of Indy’s counselors, Ms. Jocelyn Culver. She sang “Never Enough” from “The Greatest Showman.” Everyone was truly captivated by her voice, as students began to sing along and cheer loudly. At the end of her performance, students excitedly gave her a standing ovation for her amazing performance. 


After all the amazing talents displayed, the judges had to tally up points and make a decision for the title of the Tiger. After several minutes of suspense, the MCs announced Mr. Reade as the winner for Tigers and Tiaras.


Although the judges had decided on the title of the Tiger, students had the opportunity to vote on their personal favorite. The next morning, on Indy Nation News, they announced that the fan favorite was Ms. Culver.


Once again, the Indy SCA did a wonderful job with an exciting event. All Indy staff and students look forward to more events like these.