Amanda Tokam-Tigers Taking the Next Step: athletes commit to college

Amanda Tokam has committed to the University of New Haven to continue her athletic and academic career playing volleyball at the D2 level.

Q. What is your full name?

A. Amanda Tokam


Q. What Grade are you in?

A. 12

Q. Where did you commit to for college?

A. University of New Haven 


Q. How long have you been playing your sport for?

A. Just finished my 4th year.


Q. What has your athletic career looked like? 

A. I played some random different sports until high school. My freshman year I started volleyball and track, but I stuck with volleyball because I loved it from the beginning. 


Q. When did you decide that committing for a sport was something you wanted to do?

A. Definitely the summer before my sophomore season. I think it might have been because I went to this super fun college camp with my best friend who also used to play. Basically around that time in my life I just knew playing in college was something I really really want to do. 


Q. Do you have a favorite memory from this sport?

A. No specific memories to be honest, but maybe just all the memories I have with some of my absolute best friends that I have met through volleyball. 


Q. What are you most looking forward to in college (sports or academics)?

A. I have to say I am most looking forward to just college life in general. I am definitely so incredibly excited to play and take some fun classes but the things I genuinely can’t wait for are meeting a bunch of new people, living in a very new town, and just living the college life (dorming, campus life, etc.).