Independence field hockey continues their winning streak


The Girls Field Hockey Team posing after their district win over riverside 2-0.

After going undefeated and winning their 3A division regional championship in the 2020-2021 season, the Independence girls field hockey team moved up to the 5A division this year and continued their regular-season winning streak and won the district championship.

While facing more challenging teams in the 5A division, the talent and competitiveness of the field hockey team was recognized and ranked in a Washington Post article. Other than Independence, one other Loudoun County field hockey team was recognized in the article: Riverside High School. With Riverside being ranked number four, and Indy being number six, it was a highly anticipated game. 

Indy went on to win their first game against Riverside 4-0 on Sept. 13.. A second matchup was played on Sept. 23, and Indy went on to beat Riverside again 2-0. 


Indy continued their winning streak with only having one team in their regular season, Stone Bridge, score against them. Goalie for the team, Quin Demsack, 10, said, “To be honest, it’s [the ball] not near my end a lot of time during the games, but as a goalie it’s great because you get to see the whole field. I’m able to pick things apart and make sure the team stays cohesive, even if I can’t necessarily be in the play myself.”

The Independence Girls Field Hockey Team takes victory over the Riverside Rams during their district game with a score of 2-0. (James Torrenzo)

A big reason the team is 18-0 in the 2021-2022 regular season is senior captain Grace Gorham. “Every game I try to get the team to keep a competitive mindset. Just because we’re undefeated so far, doesn’t mean we will never lose,” she said.

In the postseason, Indy has a 5-1 record with Stafford High School winning 1-0. The next game for Independence Field Hockey is Nov. 12, in hopes to continue in the State Tournament.