Anne Zerkle-Tigers Taking the Next Step: Athletes Commit to College


Independence senior Anne Zerkle showcases her athleticism through three different sports. Zerkle has committed to play division three soccer at University of Lynchburg after years of hard work.

Q. What is your full name?

A. Anne Zerkle

Q. What Grade are you in?

A. 12

Q. Where did you commit to for college?

A. University of Lynchburg

Q. How long have you been playing your sport?

A. 13 years

Q. What has your athletic career looked like? 

A. I have moved soccer teams quite a bit…but eventually ended up at SYA (Southern Youth Association). I did soccer all through high school and made varsity all four years. I also did varsity swim for all four years. I’ve always wanted to do cross country, but with my busy soccer schedule it never worked out. However, this year I decided to do it. Due to COVID, the season was shorter, which allowed me to fit it into my schedule, and I made varsity in that as well!

Q. When did you decide that committing to college for a sport was something you wanted to do?

A. I’ve dreamed of playing soccer in college since I was in middle school. However, I really decided my freshman year of high school. I knew I wanted to play college soccer so I could stay a part of the game for as long as possible.

Q. Do you have a favorite memory from this sport?

A. My favorite memory would most likely be scoring the first goal of the season my freshman year at Rock Ridge. The environment was fun and exciting!

Q. What are you most looking forward to in college (sports or academics)?

A. The thing that I am most looking forward to in college is meeting and getting close with the soccer team as well as other people I meet. I was fortunate enough to get into the physical therapy direct pathway program, so I’m excited to hopefully start learning more about physical therapy.