The future of school spirit: Independence underclassmen impress with homecoming decorations


Sophomores show off school spirit with “INDYOE” banner.

Approaching their homecoming dance that occurred on Saturday, Oct. 9, Independence High School went all out for school spirit during homecoming week, showcased through their homecoming decorations. Students from the freshmen and sophomore classes had never participated in homecoming decorations, yet their final products did not disappoint. 

While students from each class went in on the morning of Friday, Oct. 8 to decorate the bleachers, the highlight of the decorations were the hallways. Each class was given a hallway to decorate according to the themes assigned by the SCA. For freshmen, the theme was wizards and witches, and for sophomores, it was royalty. Regarding the amount of motivation and participation students have, Ms. Kathryn Bales, one of the sophomore class sponsors, described, “It feels like we had a lot of people who were really spirited—it’s almost as if they had double the excitement to make up for the missed year.”

Students stayed after school until after 10pm on Thursday, to create a hallway that would showcase their creativity, teamwork, and school spirit. Materials were donated by parents in the community.

Despite this only being Independence’s second homecoming week since their opening, both the spirit and participation were high. “I think everybody was so excited to feel like we’re getting back to normal,” said Bales.