Down The Rabbit Hole: What to expect from ITPA’s fall show, Alice in Wonderland


The new school year brings new teachers, classes and most importantly new school events. ITPA is not wasting anytime before jumping into their latest show, Alice in Wonderland. The amazing cast and crew first hit the stage on November 11 and will continue putting on performances November 12, 18 and 19.

Following the debut, Senior Jenna Moser shared some insight of what to expect this weekend for the final shows. Jenna, playing the dutchess, described scene 9 (when The Queen of Hearts threatens to cut off her head) as her favorite scene. “Not only is it super fun to interact with [The Queen of Hearts], but acting scared is one of my favorite emotions to convey on stage!” said Moser. Alice in Wonderland is a tale told with color and intense theatrics that will surely keep the audience entertained throughout the show. Especially with such nostalgia that can be tied to this story, Moser explains that she thinks the audience will enjoy The Mad Hatter scene the most as it is “iconic to the original Alice in Wonderland and is full of comedic moments!”

Like any show, there are guaranteed to be ups and downs and several learning curves throughout the preparation for opening night. Moser provides a great outlook to these stressful times. She notes that “every aspect of theater has a different timeline, and navigating those timelines is definitely an obstacle.” This timeline has many events such as promotions, costume making, scene blocking, and set building. But just like the magic of Alice, it all comes together in the end to give us a show to never forget.