Homecoming : A production of SCA


On Saturday, Oct. 15, Independence High School hosted the annual homecoming dance. This event was set in the main gym and was an outstanding production of SCA.


The dance had been important to SCA for many weeks in advance, allowing it to be planned well. “Homecoming was a priority for SCA because it is a big event that is only once a year, so it was important for it to be great,” said senior Katie Ravas. Many Independence students had an amazing time whether it was on the dance floor in the gym, snacking in the cafeteria or singing next to the DJ. 


The dance decorations all revolved around the theme, Tigers on the Silver Screen. “The theme was between Biomes and Tigers on the Silver Screen, and I believe that we voted for a great theme,” said senior Anna Reed. Many students crafted their outfits around the theme. The halls and gymnasium were also decked out with balloons, streamers and even personalized student and staff member Hollywood stars. 


Prior to the dance, there was a week filled with activities such as spirit week, a parade, a pep rally and a football game to get students excited. For Ravas, the dance was the grand finale to the week. “Homecoming was a great way to end the week because there was so much effort put into the event so it felt special,” said Ravas. 


While there was so much that went into the planning and production of the dance, there was a big task of cleaning it up which was once again possible by the members of SCA who spent the day after the dance cleaning the decorations and props.